My music links

2011-09-30 13:55:21 by FlightPattern

Hey everybody on Newgrounds - Thanks for listening to my tracks! This is my older NG account, so for my newer music go to
I started posting my better stuff on Soundcloud at Got a bunch of other links there, including my youtube channel
(favorites are videos other people made with my music). Now some of my best tracks are available for purchase on Bandcamp without the voice tags at

Hip Hop

2010-10-09 13:53:58 by FlightPattern

I created an account for just my hip hop stuff.
Go check it out:

Hip Hop

My Music

2010-03-10 22:47:05 by FlightPattern

I try to post as much as I can possibly finish.
If you have any questions or requests please pm me.

My music

2009-07-02 17:55:48 by FlightPattern

I'm trying to post more stuff but the inspiration just isn't coming!!!


2009-05-19 19:58:28 by FlightPattern

Please check out my newer songs if you can!!!


2009-02-08 15:16:32 by FlightPattern

I finally came out with my first song of '08

I'm leaving for a while.

2008-08-09 12:40:42 by FlightPattern

I'm going on vacation for a week up in sequoia national park.

I'm new

2008-05-04 15:42:54 by FlightPattern

Hey I'm very new here so don't give me a hard time plz. also check out my songs.